sexta-feira, 18 de abril de 2008

Why atheists keep arguing against God's existence?

This question can't get out of my head, why atheits keep fighting against all that relates to a mercyful, righteouss and lovefull God?. A comparison can be made in order to realize how this atheists ideas lack of logic:

In a certain place, there were two turtles, one turtle was borned and raised alone in a deep well and neither had contact with outside world nor know nothing about it. The second turtle was completly the oposite of the other one, this turtle lived in the sea traveled thought all the ocean and knew many things about the world. One certain day, the sea turtle fell off in the same well of the other turtle, when the sea turtle told all the experiences it had and all the amazing things the world shows and even invited the other turtle to see it by itself, but the well turtle got angry and started to argue with the other turtle, "Such things do not exist, you're living in other reality, you are crazy!". This simple comparison shows us how atheists are wisdomless people, they simply are against something they don't know, like the blind well turtle, it neither wanted to see the world nor believed in what the sea turtle said about it.

Inspired by Holy Spirit, the wise King david wrote: " A fool hath said in his heart, `God is not;` They have done corruptly, They have done abominable actions, There is not a doer of good. Jehovah from the heavens Hath looked on the sons of men, To see if there is a wise one -- seeking God. The whole have turned aside, Together they have been filthy: There is not a doer of good, not even one. Psalms 14.1-3.

God Bless you all

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